Wisdom of Childhood

Childhood comes with a high intensity of curiosity that I haveCO98At400W never seemed to shed. I have always asked why, or tried to understand how things work. I believe this is what has made me the person I am and the choice I have made in becoming a teacher of children. This wisdom from my childhood correlates with the old adage that says ” Knowledge is Power.” In this case it is the power of discovery in my world and the world of those I love and those I teach.

Another wisdom that comes from my childhood  is the power and influence of play. I love to play even as an adult. I have met a wonderful man who also plays and we have the best times together. This wisdom also has an old adage attached to it that I believe wholeheartedly: “You are only as young as you feel.” Today I feel like a child with the hopes and dreams of an adult.

I shall never lose these wisdoms that come from my childhood and I keep them close with me in every part of my life.


Interior Monologue of a Writer

“Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write.”mind-map

Where should I start? Deep breath in and out. Now don’t list in threes, don’t be serious. who is my audience. Why did I get myself into this? What did I get myself into this? Oka write a word, any word any sentence. Ugh stupid. Erase. begin again. Deep Breath. No don’t hold it in! Breathe. How is the reader going to interpret what I am about to write? Hmmm lets see silly serious, absolutely not apart of this topic. Can I start already? Beginning, middle end… anywhere already. I SAID STOP LISTING THINGS. Just stop. You can do write and keep writing don’t stop its not set yet and no one has seen it yet but you. Geez where am I going with this. Can I stop now! Oh Hell rip it out and start over. OMG did you just write that ugly character.  Erase begin AGAIN. Breathe and just begin don’t worry about it until its done and ready to edit. Yes Yes Yes just begin.

Describe Heaven

A Peek Between the GateHeaven, or paradise as I tend to imagine a place, is called Tuatha De Dannan. It is an ethereal place where the lush life of harmony and contentment exist in all its many individual forms. The landscape presents lush green grass that is as soft as cotton on my bare feet and joy to walk through as the gate to this place opens before me. There in the distance between the meadowed trees is a patch of color filled with meadow wildflowers demonstrating the reach for the suns gracing presence. the soft glow of the sun bring a comfortable warm as if wrapped in a peaceful blanket of safety where nothing is forsaken. The trees whisper through the rustling leaves. The breeze drifts through the landscape to welcome me. The sea is seen off to the other side bringing a moisture and thought of reflections with it to my mind. time does not exist here only reflect, thought and harmony. It is here I think of the life I left and the life and go to in the next. All questions are answered and all worries are stripped away. The wise of ancients speak to me of my reflections and guide me through my thoughts. I sit and I merely