Interior Monologue of a Writer

“Write down the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write.”mind-map

Where should I start? Deep breath in and out. Now don’t list in threes, don’t be serious. who is my audience. Why did I get myself into this? What did I get myself into this? Oka write a word, any word any sentence. Ugh stupid. Erase. begin again. Deep Breath. No don’t hold it in! Breathe. How is the reader going to interpret what I am about to write? Hmmm lets see silly serious, absolutely not apart of this topic. Can I start already? Beginning, middle end… anywhere already. I SAID STOP LISTING THINGS. Just stop. You can do write and keep writing don’t stop its not set yet and no one has seen it yet but you. Geez where am I going with this. Can I stop now! Oh Hell rip it out and start over. OMG did you just write that ugly character.  Erase begin AGAIN. Breathe and just begin don’t worry about it until its done and ready to edit. Yes Yes Yes just begin.


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