Wisdom of Childhood

Childhood comes with a high intensity of curiosity that I haveCO98At400W never seemed to shed. I have always asked why, or tried to understand how things work. I believe this is what has made me the person I am and the choice I have made in becoming a teacher of children. This wisdom from my childhood correlates with the old adage that says ” Knowledge is Power.” In this case it is the power of discovery in my world and the world of those I love and those I teach.

Another wisdom that comes from my childhood  is the power and influence of play. I love to play even as an adult. I have met a wonderful man who also plays and we have the best times together. This wisdom also has an old adage attached to it that I believe wholeheartedly: “You are only as young as you feel.” Today I feel like a child with the hopes and dreams of an adult.

I shall never lose these wisdoms that come from my childhood and I keep them close with me in every part of my life.


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